More Dog Parks

Cinnamon, Baxter, and Maggie pose at the Forsberg Iron Springs Dog Park, March 2021

Lakewood has only one dog park. It’s overused, especially on weekends.
It’s in Forsberg Iron Springs Park, just north of Solterra, just south of Green Mountain, near Alameda and Jewell (visible in upper left)

Here’s my favorite location for Lakewood’s next off-leash dog park. There are tall trees for shade, and water can be extended from the Lakewood Greenhouse just to the north. It would be nice to extend the park into Bear Creek to the south, but that’s probably a bigger fight than I want to take on. Maybe divert some water through the park? But there’s a dirt trail just to the south of the red circle. That would have to be moved. Again probably not worth the fight, but something I’ll look at if elected. Hint, Hint. The intersection of Morrison Road and Old Kipling is in the top left of the picture. Estes Street runs North South on the right hand side of the picture, with the Stone House on the far right.
Another great place for a off-leash dog park is behind Carmody Rec center, off of Old Kipling St, just south of Jewell. There is some shade there and water can be connected easily enough. There’s also lots of available parking right there. It’s within easy walking access from the surrounding neighborhoods of Kendrick Lake, Parkwest Ridge, Iliff Ridge, Carmody, Kemo Country, Country Village.
Surface photo of a great location for a dog park – behind Carmody Rec Center.

What happened to the Evergreen Dog Park is a cautionary tale. …………………… Below is a picture of the park in Aug, 2021

Here’s what happened to the Evergreen dog park. It was a great park which went from this entrance down over the hill, up the other side of the hill in the back right side of the picture, and came back up far to the right of this picture. It was closed by Jeffco Open Space in April, 2017. There’s a link to the final report below, but it looks to me that JCOS just didn’t know how to manage a popular destination. I visited the park many times, and I thought that one solution was to construct a little trail along the bottom, place trash cans along it, and pick up the trash with an ATV from the dirt road on the west of the park. At any rate it’s closed and it’s a lesson in what happens when a dog park gets overused and the authorities can’t handle that. They just close it. This could happen with our Iron Springs park. You know the developers would just love to build houses there. By adding other dog parks in Lakewood we spread the use around, and keep Iron Springs from getting overused.

HERE is a link to the Evergreen Off-Leash Dog Park Report

Dilution is the solution to pollution

The best way to improve the Iron Springs dog park (and to keep it open – BTW no one is currently talking about closing it. I just look at what happened in Evergreen and 2 + 2 = 4. It’s not Geophysics.) is to lower the number of visitors there. The best way to do that is to open other parks. Spread the wealth around.