More Dog Parks – News

Lakewood Dog Park
Is Lakewood maintaining our one dog park – in a word – no. They do pick up the trash on a regular basis, so that’s something,
In 2018 (& 2019) I took it upon myself to rake up the rocks in our dog park. I made about 25 piles of rocks then called Lakewood and asked them to send in a bobcat to scoop them up and drop them outside the park. That never happened, so in the fall I took in a wheel barrel and moved the rock piles to the two mud puddle areas at the base of the park.

Dog Park in Gallup, NM……..Yes it’s possible to have a nice park in a dry climate………..Notice the water fountains INSIDE the park.
Also there’s a small area on the right for small (mild) dogs, and a big park on the right for big (active) dogs.

Dog Parks can be very nice, but I doubt that Lakewood would want to spend that kind of money (and neither would I)……….. Notice water fountain in background. This is in Phoenix.

If you want to keep the trees alive, you’ll need to maintain something to keep the dogs from peeing directly onto them.