Short Term Rentals – News

Property taxes would more than triple for Colorado Short-term rental owners under statehouse proposal (HERE)
Oct 14, 2021 in the Colorado Sun
Basically a draft of a bill that will be considered in the next legislative session would raise taxes.
“If a home is rented as a short-term rental for more than 30 days a year, the owner must pay the lodging property tax rate for each rental day instead of the much lower single-family property tax rate. In other words, if a property is rented out as a short-term rental for 45 days, the owner must pay a commercial property tax rate on those 45 days in a year and the single-family property tax rate on the remaining 320 days.”

Here’s a piece from Denver7 titled Airbnb hosts in Lakewood hoping for a city rule change to allow short-term rentals.
It’s from Dec 3, 2019 – Yes Council has been moving glacially slow on this one.

The Lakewood Short-Term Rental Alliance has a website HERE.

Here’s an interesting story. From Sept, 2021
Picket Fences for Rent: 100+ Suburbs Transitioned to Majority Renters in Last Decade.
It’s a story about how many big city suburbs now have more renters than home owners. Primarily caused by the building of lots of apartment buildings.
Read the story HERE.