Rich Olver

Is a picture really worth a 1000 words? Let’s test that theory. Do the pictures below tell you more about me than if I typed up 1000 words about my proven leadership qualities, vision for the future, blah, blah, blah………You know how this works – Typical political resumes are written so that if you throw out all the phrases that mean nothing, you have nothing left. Sorry that’s not my style.

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania – 1978 BS Geology
Akron, Ohio – 1980 MS Geophysics
MSU Denver

Did you know that in Colorado anyone over 60 can audit courses at most of our colleges for free?
I have been attending classes at Metro State for a few years before covid.
But every college or university that I looked at has a similar program.
No tests, no homework, no grades.
Click HERE for more info from Metro State.

40 years in the Oil & Gas Exploration Industry, as a Geophysicist. Started Keystone Geophysical in 2004.

1956 I have a tongue. See!

Descending toward Lake Como in Northern Italy, in 2012 – I’m older now, but still do this a lot.
(They ride on the correct side of the road in Italy, but it’s a sharp corner and I had the camera man as a spotter.)

In Kiev, Ukraine – 2006 – I’m older now (same stupid hair style)

2018 – Top of Union Peak at Copper Mountain – I can ski most anything, but won’t look good doing it. Don’t like the Chutes at Steamboat, but there’s nothing at Copper that I can’t handle.

2018 Memorial Weekend – Skiing Mount Evans. We do this most years right as the road opens. But don’t tell anyone.

At the site of Woodstock. Aug 26, 2021 (It wasn’t far from my hometown in Pa.)

Sept 1, 2021…………If you see some fool delivering campaign literature with an electric scooter – that would be me.