You can get ON the plane, I’m getting IN the plane – George Carlin

You can’t win unless you try to win, but you can lose by trying not to lose.

TWO national anthems? THREE National Anthems? Bill Maher (HBO – Real Time with Bill Maher HERE)
Bill has thoughts on the NFL playing two anthems before Football games.
This is one of the best opinion pieces that I’ve seen in a long time. I agree with it almost completely.
He is wrong about one thing though. The only time to play two national anthems is not only when the USA plays Canada, but when the USA plays any other country.
On the other side of the political pigskin, the MLB has been trying to replace the Star Spangled Banner with God Bless America since 9/17/2001. You’ve probably noticed that the Monforts have it played at Rockies games during the 7th inning stretch. I’ve even seen them play the SSB 15 minutes before game time, and GBA just before the 1st pitch.
We already have a National Anthem. I’m strongly against replacing it by either the Left or the Right.
(Unless it’s by ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ by Bobby McFerrin HERE on Youtube. – We need to maintain our sense of humor)

Lakewood road line painting – Where did we lose the ability to paint the lines on the road correctly? Between the Alameda and Jewell intersection and C-470 there are at least two spots where the center lines are messed up. Also on Cedar, west of Van Gordon, the center turn lane is much wider than either lane. What’s that about?

Lakewood manhole covers – When did we lose the ability to make the manhole covers level with the road surface? South Garrison street is especially bad.

Lakewood recycling – Lakewood closed the Quail St recycling center because of covid. Like we could catch covid, outside, while walking between our vehicles and the giant roll-offs. As of Aug ’21 the center is still by reservation only. Obviously Lakewood believes that recycling is NOT an essential service. Dissuading people from recycling is the opposite of what the City should be doing.

RTD Light Rail (trains) – They took out many seats on both ends of each car – so wheelchairs and scooters could park there. In fact they took out seating for 8 people on both ends of each car. This means that for a 3 car train, they removed 48 seats. It’s only possible for wheelchairs and scooters to board a train into the front of the first car, and they do ride, but it’s rare. RTD doesn’t know which car will be in the front and which way it’ll be pointing, so they removed a lot of seats that people that have a hard time standing for long periods could be using. I think this is age discrimination, in favor of handicap advantage. I’ve looked at the same setup in other cities with light rail, subways. They have fold down seats in these locations. If someone wants to sit the seat is usually readily available. If a wheelchair comes in – the seat folds up and out of the way. RTD couldn’t figure that out.

Eisenhower tunnel – There are bathrooms just inside the tunnels on the east and west ends. They used to be open. They were closed after 9-11, you know – because of the terrorists. Of course terrorists could still load up a vehicle with explosives and drive it directly into the tunnel, so why close the bathrooms?

Whole Foods – I went into the store in Belmar, with my canvas bags during covid, and was told that they weren’t allowed IN the store. Say what! Obviously the theory that Whole Foods is concerned about the environment is just a marketing scam. Or the covid virus jumps off of canvas bags and onto the goods on the shelves that have to have been handled many times to get there.

United Airlines, etc – Don’t you hate it when you send an email to customer service, with a complete explanation of the problem or request, and 2 weeks later you get an automatic reply saying that you should visit their website. And the website that they refer to is their landing page, like united.com or irs.gov, or jeffco.us

Customer Service from Corporations – it doesn’t really exist. When I hear a sing song voice (Peggy) answer the phone, I just hang up. They are not going to able to help. They work for some call center, somewhere in the world, not the corporation that you want to contact, and they have very limited ability to resolve problems.

With the census of 2020, Colorado is picking up one more Congressional seat. That brings our total to 8. To fit the new district onto the Colorado map all of the districts must be redrawn. That job falls to the ‘Colorado Independent Redistricting Commission’. Their maps is final now, and it’s a crying shame. It locks in 7 out of the 8 Congressional Districts to be either Democratic or Republican. In other words 7 out of 8 Colorado voters will not have a real choice in Congressional elections. So why should they vote at all? I thought that we wanted as many eligible voters voting as we could get. Not according to this map.