2 Wheelers

2 Wheel Safety isn’t just for bicycles any more.

Yes that’s me. I bought this to pass out campaign lit quickly. No crashes so far. Knock on wood.

These scooters can travel at up to 20 mph, with a range of over 20 miles.
Commuting on scooters is already a thing in cities around the world. We’ll see more of it in Lakewood
Many people see cyclists as Bike Nazi’s
But people of all shapes and sizes ride bikes on the roads, for commuting,
For local transportation,
Did I mention commuting,
family recreation, (Usually it’s a parent trailed by kids on their own bikes. Or following)
Or just out looking for trouble.

The bottom line is that all the above will be using our streets and roads to get around. We need to do a better job of making it safe for them.

Here’s a picture of what the ultimate bike safety could look like. (Obviously it’s not in the United States.) But bike lanes completely separated from traffic is the holy grail of bikers, ebikers, scooters, anyone riding something with less than 4 wheels.

We might never get to this (until the oil starts running out), and it’s not a goal of mine. I’m shooting far lower – just making some of the dangerous spots for 2 wheelers less dangerous – or even safe. Follow the News button to see some of those in Lakewood.