Typical 5G tower in Lakewood. Notice the power cables, and the cooling slits in the pole.
Certainly looks like it consumes a lot of electricity.

This seems awfully close to someone’s house.

I’m currently trying to learn more about 5G. I see these 5G poles all over Lakewood on my bike rides. The powers that be seem to be content that they are safe. I’m a skeptic, but I’m withholding judgement. I notice all the ads on TV – Paraquat, Opiods, Cigaretts, Roundup, Asbestos, Talcum Powder, Mesothelioma. Need I go on? The FDA has approved many things that are now the subject of class action lawsuits. (But we need to remember that the FDA has also approved 100’s, 1000’s of things that are indeed perfectly safe.
I’m content with 5G, for now, but I’ll be keeping a side eye glance on it.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum, showing 2G – 5G.
I don’t love that 5G is closer to X-rays and Gamma Rays that 2G-4G, But then it’s lower frequency than visible light. So does frequency of the waves really matter? ….. Notice that high tension power lines are much lower freq than our current cel phones, and we don’t allow houses under power lines. So Frequency/Wavelength don’t really matter. But then I look at the size of the power cables going to the 5G poles, and the fact that they need to be cooled with fans, and I wonder, wonder, wonder.