5G – News

Denver 7 News Story Sept 29, 2021
Englewood resident pushes against 5G tower planned next to his front yard.
Could a cel phone tower appear in your front yard – just like this one did? Yes, Yes it could.

An interesting article titled ‘Siting Small Cells in a Time of Tech Hesitancy‘ by Lakewood’s Richard Bennett

Here’s another article from June 2020 titled ‘Attack of the 5G Truthers‘. This is a horrible title, because it dismisses any and all concerns of those who are afraid of 5G by calling them names. We all know that ‘Truthers’ have absolutely no idea what’s going on – right? Just the title alone gives me pause that there is nothing but a one sided bias in the article.

If you find some great scientific articles about 5G, please forward the link to me at rich@enrichlakewood.com
Unbiased articles and papers are difficult to find, I understand that, but they have to be out there.